Friday, July 02, 2010

Home sweet home

After that week-long Singapore break, it was time to finally hang photos and frames around the house and place all the books on the shelves.  This took several days of getting everything together and deciding what went where.  One of the things we've learned from all the moving is that nothing has a permanent place and with each new house, we've had to find ways to use our furniture and fit it into each and every place. From an apartment in Santiago, to a townhouse in Dubai.  From an apartment in Montreal to a duplex in Marbella.  Here in Bali, we're in a house that took ages to find and we've been here for over a month and it's only now that we've put our knickknacks in place, our photos on the display table, our books on the shelves and our frames up can we finally say that this house (our sixth in ten years) is now home.  My cookbooks are in the kitchen and I'm ready to cook once again.

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