Thursday, February 16, 2012

They say that packing up is hard to do

There's a very good reason why my blog has been abandoned lately.  First, lightning hit the phone lines on my street (honestly, it's one of those weird island things) and we haven't had a working phone line or Internet for the last two weeks and still don't until now.  Second, we are leaving Bali after our two-year posting and are off to Puerto Rico.  As I write this, our house is a an obstacle course of boxes and packers busy at work.  Today is the fourth day of packing and we're not done yet but we have moved back to the hotel so at least, I have WiFi and can work on the computer again.  It might be awhile before my next blog post but when I get to it, it'll probably be from Dorado Beach.  Keep checking in and wish me luck on this new adventure.

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