Monday, February 16, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

We've arrived in Las Vegas. It took us longer than usual to get here since we had to stop overnight in Gatwick. We did the overnight check-in of our luggage for our Sunday morning flight to Las Vegas on Virgin Atlantic.

Valentine's day is not the best time to be stuck in an airport hotel and find a restaurant to eat in. Lunch was some takeaway from M&S Simply Food - Edamame in a coriander-chili dressing, spicy chicken noodle salad, couscous with roasted vegetables, assorted wraps, some flour baps, a sausage roll, fresh fruit and lemon ricotta cheesecake. We were starving after our early-morning easyJet flight from Malaga so we basically filled our basket with goodies before heading to the hotel.

After breakfast the next morning, we went back to the terminal and did the complicated security procedures before finding out that the flight was delayed till noon so we spent the four hours checking e-mails, having coffees and reading all the Sunday papers.

We finally arrived at almost 3 p.m. and were picked up by my sister and her husband. We dropped our bags off at home and headed straight our for some late-afternoon dim sum at Orchids Garden before going back home to unpack, shower and go straight to bed. We've got a busy two weeks in store.


Miguel said...

Hi - I'll be in Las vegas in 2 weeks. What restaurants do you recommend?

Gourmet Traveller said...

Hi Miguel,

Here's a link to my last post on Las Vegas from summer 2007
but watch out for some new restaurant entries in the next few days as well. We're going to some new restaurants this week.


Miguel said...

Thanks - will wait for you new posts..