Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Lunch

When I was growing up, the end of Lent was a big deal at home.  My grandfather preferred Easter to Christmas and each year, we would have a big lunch to celebrate the occasion.  Usually, it was lechon  (roasted pig) cooked whole in a large brick walled oven alongside trays of pan de sal (traditional Philippine bread rolls).

In Europe, Easter is usually celebrated with a spring lamb roast.  As we don't have an oven large enough to do a proper roast pig,  we had lamb instead.  Since the day was bright and sunny, it would have been a waste to roast the meat when we could already fire up the grill and cook outside.  So, the meal somehow became grilled lamb chops with caramelized fennel and freshly-baked flat bread - lots of improvisations but it all worked out somehow.  It was simple and delicious although next year, I might attempt to recreate my childhood Easter lunch with a cochinillo (suckling pig) that would surely fit in my oven.


Riza said...

I enjoy reading your blog, but I get so hungry.

Gourmet Traveller said...

Hi Riza,

That's the point! I'm glad it's working.