Wednesday, April 15, 2009

MORRISONS in Gibrltar

I sit on my terrace and enjoy the view of the Mediterranean with the rock of Gibraltar looming in the distance and used to wonder what it was like. After three years here, we'd finally made it to the famous limestone promontory on a Sunday a few weeks back just to have a look. On that day we crossed the border quickly, parked the car and stopped at a nondescript pub for a quick lunch then walked some more until we reached the large square at the end of main street where more restaurants and cafes were situated. We didn't have time to explore more and see the sights.

This time, our short trip to Gibraltar was all about heading to Morrisons and seeing for ourselves what i was like. The supermarket is quite large with a cafe and a petrol station (where it's supposedly 30% cheaper to fill up than in Spain). I had low expectations because of mixed reviews about Morrisons since most said that it was the same as shopping in the local supermarkets Hipercor and Supersol. I have to disagree. It isn't the same, it's way better and with the current favorable exchange making the Pound almost equal to the Euro, it's cheaper too.

Why is it better? Well, there's definitely more variety - fruits and vegetables (e.g young corn, sugar snap peas, fresh green chilies), fresh-baked bread (e.g. whole wheat buns and granary loaf), organic baby products (e.g. Hipp baby food, organic rusks), healthy lunchbox snacks (e.g. mini boxes of raisins and dried apricots), a fantastic assortment of ready meals (e.g. New Covent Garden Food Co. soups), crisps & chips (e.g. Kettle Chips, pretzels) and lots of English magazines and books at half the price. I've always been a bit skeptical about those who would cross over regularly to do their shopping in Gibraltar but now I see that I might have to do the same at least once every six weeks. In the end, it's only half an hour away (closer than Malaga) and with the range of food available plus the reasonable prices then it makes it worth the trip.
Westside road, Gibraltar
Open daily:
Mondays to Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Sundays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
* Check online as opening hours change on certain holidays


Su-Lin said...

:D I found this absolutely hilarious as it's a whole "grass is greener" situation. My local supermarket here in London is a Morrisons and I despair over it! I would probably find a Hipercor or Supersol so much more exotic and exciting (not that I'm at all familiar with them).

Gourmet Traveller said...

Hi Su-Lin,

I'm sure you're right but after three years of no young corn or sugar snaps or even ready-made coleslaw, Morrisons is such a treat. To be fair, Hipercor has fantastic "jamon" and "chorizo" but some days comfort food and things that we're familiar with are all we want.

Thanks for checking in!


annie b said...

I'm a British expat living on Costa de la Luz for 4 years and actually visited Morrisons in Gib for the first time last week! I walked in to find a stack of Jersey Royals. I bought loads to take home and amuse my Spanish friends about how excited people in UK get when these yummy tatties first appear.

I completely relate to what you say about the comfort food factor. Sometimes just to be able to go out and buy a Weight Watchers Chicken Curry is what I miss. I got so excited about my Jersey Royals I forgot to check if Morrrisons even stocked those.Hey ho - I'll just keep on making my Arroz Negro when I need that sort of fix - albeit a tad more calorific!! Keep on writing - I enjoy reading!

Gourmet Traveller said...

Thanks for checking in Annie! I was just at Morrisson's yesterday for a BIG shop and bought enough to last at least three weeks. We're addicted to those GU puddings and the fresh-baked bread.